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How did spanishccae get started?

Meet Nerea and Belén, lifelong friends and passionate educators who’ve revolutionized the way Spanish is learned. From a deep-rooted friendship that started at age 11 to spearheading a vibrant online learning community, they’ve turned their shared dream into a reality. Amidst the global shift during the pandemic, they embraced the role of being their own bosses and launched a dynamic platform that erases borders in language learning. Now, with a thriving community of over 300,000 followers on Instagram, they are not just teachers but inspirations, guiding enthusiastic learners through the beautiful journey of mastering Spanish.

Our services

Live Online Classes: Join our live individual or group classes for an interactive and personalized experience.

Pre-recorded Video Courses: Discover our A1-C2 courses at your own pace with pre-recorded videos, designed for flexibility and independence.

Books: Our books are the perfect complement to any study level, providing depth and enrichment to your Spanish learning journey.





It's worth it

Career catalyst: Bilingualism can be the key to unlocking job opportunities and advancing your career.

Our experience

With years of teaching English and Spanish and living abroad, we know what learning a new language entails. Our educational expertise and multilingual fluency enable us to offer rich, tailored teaching for every student.


We believe in teaching that goes beyond textbooks. Our methodology includes essential grammar and everyday conversation, preparing you not just for exams but for real life. We teach the Spanish spoken on the streets, used at work, and shared among friends.


We dream of growing not just in student numbers but also in the quality and variety of our content and services. Our vision is to make a living from our passion and create a real impact in the Spanish learning community through our courses, online classes, and social media content.

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