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Frequently Asked Questions

Which course is the best for me?

 A1 Course – is for students who start absolutely from 0.

A2 Course – is for students who can communicate more or less but would like to improve their vocabulary and speak better in past and future tenses.

B1 Course – is for students who have an intermediate level of Spanish. You know how to communicate quite well but would like to learn more advanced vocabulary, for business or to master the language.

B2 Course – It is a level prior to the more advanced levels (C1-C2) so this course will help you to speak and understand Spanish in a more professional way and will help you with the more complicated grammar structures explained in a simple and practical way. 


When can I take the course?

You can start the course right now! The course consists of pre-recorded lessons with explanations of all kinds and recommended homework which you can send us and we will correct it. You can watch the videos whenever you want from wherever you want. You will only need wifi. Also… ¡You will have the videos forever!

Why are these courses worth it?

We have created all the PDFs and explanations ourselves. These same explanations are the ones we teach in our classes with our students. This is a great way to start studying Spanish or to advance in the language if you feel you don’t have time for an online teacher. To pass exams, to remember Spanish, to create a base, to understand verb tenses, to write emails, to improve in business, to be able to have the vocabulary in your hands… this course will help you a lot to improve your Spanish independently. You can watch the videos as many times as you want.

Does this course include the teacher's help?

You will have the teacher’s email and the teacher will correct your exercises at all times. You can also write your questions and we will answer you as soon as we can.

What are the lessons like?

The classes are very full of content and last approximately one hour. In the classes you will learn vocabulary, listening, writing, grammar… It also includes tips on how to communicate in real life situations, whether you are on holiday or already living in Spain.

If you want to see the lessons, go to the top of the page and click on “preview lessons for free”. If you want more information, you can also click on “buy” and it will take you to the add to cart page.

Does it include certification?

At the end of the course you will receive a course completion certificate.

Do I pay once only or is it monthly? Does it include private lessons?

You pay only once and you will not be charged anything else. You will have the courses forever. It does not include individual lessons, however, the courses include over 50 pre-recorded lessons that you will have forever.

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