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Learn spanish speaking

60€ per month

  • One hour conversation group lesson
  • All our materials and COURSES 
  • All our books
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AVAILABLE HOURS (Madrid time zone) :

What do I need to know?

What do I need to know before buying the product?

– You need a B1 level approximately to join (be able to hold a more or less fluent conversation).

– Lessons are one hour, are in a group (5 people) and there is one or two teachers.

PAY NOW TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE! There are only 5 people per group (you will be charged from the 1st of September and we will start classes the first week of September). 


*If you join before September, you will not be charged until 1 September. There is no free trial but you can always cancel your membership for the next month at any time.


The teachers will be Nerea and Belén at all times.

These classes are purely conversation classes, but the membership includes all the courses which have more than 50 pre-recorded grammar videos.

One week before the lesson, you will receive the vocabulary material and the questions we will talk about in the class. Each week will be a different topic.



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