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Our students will tell you about their experiences and why we can help you improve your Spanish.


Nerea is an excellent teacher. She has been teaching my 7 year old son and his friends for 4 months now. She knows her material, is thoughtful, well prepared & engaging with kids. She gets them to speak and corrects their mistakes while making the class fun. There has been a marked improvement in my son’s ability to comprehend & speak Spanish.


Nerea has been incredible to work with! She is so kind and so patient with my learning style. Her lessons are always fun and she answers all my questions. I was so nervous to learn a new language because I thought it might frustrate me to not understand but throughout these last few months with Nerea as my teacher, I haven’t felt that at all.


Nerea is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient, enthusiastic and fun! Before I joined with her, I was struggling with Spanish a lot however now having lessons, I am finally seeing clear improvement and I am very happy with my progress. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone looking for a Spanish teacher. Look no more! 🙂


Nerea is an amazing teacher! She teaches in a way that helps me retain what I’ve learned, and is flexible with teaching what I need as opposed to a set course. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish at any level.


After only a few sessions with Nerea I almost completely stopped my stammering while trying to speak spanish! She is a nice person and easy to communicate with, open to any questions, patient and helpful.


She is very prepared for all her lessons and knows how to guide me around with words and phrases I wouldn’t know, id definitely recommend her and I don’t regret it at all.


Nerea is an excellent Spanish teacher. She is always prepared and it’s fun to learn Spanish with her. I started 2 months ago and I already feel an improvement. I have tried to learn Spanish before but it was never really helpful. Now I really enjoy the lessons and I have motivation to continue. I can only recommend Nerea.


Really good lessons. Nerea is a fantastic teacher. She is very kind and most importantly very patient with me :). Totally recommend her as a teacher!


Learning with Nerea is an absolute pleasure. Lessons are easy to understand and useful. Highly recommend this teacher, especially if you are, like myself, very new to Spanish.


In my experience With belen I’ve learned many things in Spanish and she fixed my mistakes .. I recommend everyone wants to learn Spanish start with her.. she’s patient and that’s what any student wants. Wish to everyone the best.


Belén is a really good tutor who has helped me to improve my spanish a lot! I am really greatful for her. She is very lovely and always wants to help you understand the language better. I definitely recommend Belén. 🙂 <3


Nerea is a wonderful person and teacher. Lessons are always interesting. After each lesson, im looking forward for another)


Nerea is a kind, fun and experienced teacher. She is passionate about what she does and is super flexible. I genuinely enjoy my class time with her !


Aulas super divertidas e dinâmicas com Belén! Sempre com assuntos diferentes sobre o mundo e o dia a dia. Professora muito atenciosa e com ótima didática. Sabe deixar o aluno confortável para que perca o medo de falar. Recomendo a todos!!!


Belén is a great tutor, she is really friendly, her sense of humour is great, she is very organised with the lessons and has loads of content that she shares. If you are looking to increase your knowledge of the Spanish language then I highly recommend taking lessons with her.


Super fun and engaging. Nerea is a great tutor. Highly recommended.


Belén, She’s a really nice and really dedicated to her work!


Just great and fun to learn with! Recommend!


Nerea is a fabulous teacher. She has so much enthusiasm for every lesson and always knows how to get the best out of me. She has a lovely disposition and a true passion for her native language. My Spanish language skills have improved immensely, since becoming Nerea’s student.


I was started learning Spanish from the beginning with Nerea and it was very good choose! Every lesson is very exciting and never boring. A lot of fun during with lesson makes learning fun. Nerea is always very good prepared for our lesson. La recomiendo como tutora!


Nerea is a fabulous teacher. She’s incredible patient and has a great teaching style. She has a passion for languages and this shows in her lessons. I feel my confidence has grown and I’ve benefitted a lot from her time. Highly recommended.


Nerea is an amazing teacher! We’ve been learning with her for about a month now and our Spanish level has been improving so fast. She adapts to the level and speed of learning that you need and makes learning fun and efficient 🙂


I have been learning spanish with Nerea for a few months now and she has always made the classes enjoyable, so much the hour always goes so quickly! She is very patient and a friendly fun person to learn from – I recommend!


Nerea is really great teacher, always prepared. There is a lot of fun during the lesson and it makes learning Spanish fun and easy 🙂 Always smiling, always supportive. I recommend her, it will be a good choice to have her as your teacher!


Nerea is a great teacher, always smiling, chatty and positive, and really helps build your confidence – recommended for Spanish learners of any level!


Nerea is a really amazing teacher! I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time, and I’m really enjoying learning Spanish so far.


Nerea is kind and engaging, she plans the lesson to suit your level and needs. Really glad to have her as a tutor!


Great Tutor. Nerea is always on time and well prepared with materials suitable and engaging for my daughter. She has incredible patience and goes through each word, exercise and sentence until it is understood. My daughter looks forward to every class and is happy during the entire class. Her Spanish is improving every week. I highly recommend Nerea if you are looking to learn Spanish.


I am so delighted to have Nerea as my tutor. She is so kind and patient, yet ensuring that I always try my best. She always has a lesson plan and combines learning with plenty of speaking practice. She tailors the lesson based on my progress and needs. Nerea always makes the lesson interesting and enjoyable.


Mi lección de prueba con Nerea fue muy agradable, aunque me costó ya que mi español es bastante limitado – sólo he empezado a intentar de aprenderlo en los últimos meses. Aprecié su paciencia conmigo. Nerea es muy amistosa y me resulta fácil hablar con ella. Señaló todos mis errores (¡muchos!) y aprecio esta enfoque ya que creo que lo mejor manera de aprendar es prueba y error. También no me cuesta su acento de entender y Nerea habla a una velocidad que me ayuda a ser un novato. Definitivamente reservaré otra lección con Nerea. Muchas gracias!


Nerea is an amazing teacher! Always eager to talk and teach, ready to push your boundaries. She is always prepared for classes, provides you with documents and materials and happy to answer any question you have! She is able to attend my needs very well when they are very specific. I would definitely recommend her!!


Nerea is a professional teacher and a nice person. She always corrects mistakes and gives feedback. I also appreciate her way of getting ready for every lesson. I would definitely recommend her if you want to improve your speaking skills, as well as vocabulary or grammar.


Fiz algumas aulas com a Nerea no intuito de melhorar minha comunicação oral, em razão do exame DELE. Gostei tanto, do profissionalismo e da empatia dela, que resolvi continuar com as aulas de maneira continuada. Ela tem conhecimento, tem didática e gosta do que faz. ¡Enhorabuena, Nerea!

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